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Upcoming Meetings
SNG Board Meeting-Wednesday July 23, 7PM - Sewards Towers East email

Community Development Committee-Tuesday August 12th, 7PM - Matthews Center email

Seward Winter Frolic-Tuesday July 8th 6PM - Matthews Park email

Crime and Safety Committee Meeting July 14th 6:30 - Matthews Park email

Upcoming Events

National Night Out - Tuesday August 5th, to find out who your block club leader is, email

Open Streets Franklin- Sunday August 17th 10am-5pm


Let’s stencil the Storm Drains in Seward! Follow the link for more information.

SNG Home Improvement Loan Program --
SNG REMOVES INCOME LIMIT ON REVOLVING LOAN PROGRAM--Interest Rates Now at 2.50%-Read more to learn about the changes to the Loan Program

Find out about Spokes: Bike Walk Connect by checking out our website and facebook page

For more information about events and organizations in Seward check out the following links: Seward Neighbor's forum on; Seward Neigbhorhood Calendar ; the Seward Profile news blog; the Seward Civic and Commerce Associations (SCCA) ; Seward Redesign ; Seward news page on TCDaily Planet

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